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The Newbie Program

Newbie admissions are currently closed, but request to join our mailing list via the Contact tab to be alerted when we start the next round!

NYC's first stand up training and production company for people of marginalized genders (2

Newbie Cohorts have been a cornerstone of WSU NYC's work since the beginning. Offered 3-4 times a year, this curriculum takes students through stand up basics, writing exercises, and tips on navigating New York's comedy scene. The program culminates in developing a tight five to be performed in a class showcase at the Kraine Theatre.


We use the toolbox approach, introducing students to a different style of writing and performance each week of the program, so that students can best find their unique comedic voices.


For the sliding scale price of $80-$150, students will receive:

  • Six weeks of instruction and individualized feedback, resulting in a tight five

  • A spot in the class showcase

  • Performance photos

  • Performance tape

  • Promotional materials

  • Graduation benefits, including access to our network of alumni, and future performance opportunities, and discounted Masterclass rates

Admissions for each program open a few weeks prior to the start of classes. We like to keep the process simple--just a brief form regarding your contact information and comedy background. From there, all spots are awarded via lottery, as we want to ensure that everyone interested in participating has an equal chance at doing so. 

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