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Meet the Team

WSU NYC was founded in 2019,

and has been under new leadership since 2021

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Photo Credit: JT Anderson

Susan Dorf is a co-producer and the Head of Production for WSU NYC. After graduating from NYU with a major in acting (and a minor in math), she jumped head first into comedy. She’s been doing stand up since 2019 and hopes to keep going until she drops! Her comedy usually centers around her family, queerness, and past traumas that need and deserve a laugh. Susan has performed in YAAS! Fest (New York’s Queer Comedy Festival) and at many clubs in Manhattan and Brooklyn. She doesn’t just do comedy, folks, she does photography and editing— for WSU NYC and beyond!

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Photo Credit: JT Anderson

Paula J. Leon is a NY based Peruvian comedian/actor. She's so multihyphenate she'd rather you ask her "What can't you do?" and she'd say "Calculus." Paula is a co-producer at WSU NYC as well as their Media Manager. She's been doing stand up since 2019, and participated in the 2021 Solocom Festival at the PIT. You can catch her performing all over NYC, and she has had the pleasure of having her comedy enjoyed all over the world thanks to Covid related streaming. Paula graduated early from NYU Tisch and is now exploring the world of Stem at The New School. Follow this little latina as she navigates pretty much everything @Paulita_chatita on IG.

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Photo Credit: Chris Kammerud

Leorah Wood is a triple threat--actress, comedian, and barista. She works as a stand up all around NYC, and serves as the Head of Education for WSU NYC. Leorah performs clean, story based sets, wherein ukulele is used both for music and as a threat. She was a finalist at the 2022 Ladies Room Comedy Festival. Above all else, she is proficient at kazoo.

Socials: @_leorah

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