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Our Mission

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Our Story

Women Stand Up NYC is a women-led organization that creates a space to empower people of marginalized genders through stand up comedy. WSU NYC creates a supportive community for aspiring comedians by providing a safe space for all jokes to be explored to fruition without judgment. Our services execute this vision by catering both to newcomers and seasoned comics alike, giving them performance opportunities, educational programs, and a lifelong network. We elevate the voices of our comics in order to equalize a field predominantly dominated by cis men.

WSU was founded in 2019, with its original founders’ immediate goal being to create a nurturing and safe community for female identifying people to try stand up for the first time. In keeping with this goal, the program was a cross between a writers’ group and a mentorship. At the time of its founding, WSU was the only program of its kind in the city.

Since inheriting the company in 2021, our new team sought to create a structured curriculum, and appointed Heads of Education, Production, and Media to serve the needs of our new program. Under this leadership, the program has pivoted from serving only female identifying comics, to comics of all marginalized genders.

Today, we boast a network of 70+ alumni, and have had the pleasure of working with industry talent including Rachel Sennott (Shiva Baby, Comedy Central), Jes Tom (Just for Laughs, Netflix), the El-Salomons (The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Just for Laughs), and Yamini Nabimidom (Second City, Pillow Fight).

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